Do you need any other support? Please send an email to CCV Inside ( 

Log-in instructions

The Single Sign On (SSO) is activated for all Belgium, Dutch, German and Swiss colleagues. Click the green button

  • Click on the green button “Log in employees”
  • Insert your Windows account name. This is based upon the name that you use to log-in to Citrix, together with an extension: 


Extention for log-in

CCV Nederland

[windows account name]

CCV Group B.V.

Competence Centers

CCV Easy

[windows account name]

CCV Belgium

[windows account name]

CCV Deutschland

[windows account name]

CCV Switzerland

[windows account name]


  • Insert your Microsoft/Citrix password and click “Register”.

CCV Shop, Lab & general accounts

Click on the blue button “Log in Shop, Lab, Guests” to log-in with your e-mail address and CCV Inside specific password. CCV Shop and CCV Lab are not included in our Active Directory.

Do you use a general account next to your personal account? For example general department or project e-mail addresses. In that case you should use an incognito browser to log-in.